Well-Come, Sisters, to Nature Wisdom Journey!

  • Are you not yet living your Life Dream, or fulfilling your Life Purpose?  
  • Do you feel disconnected from your creativity, your passion, your inner wisdom?  
  • Are magic and playfulness missing from your life?  
  • Would you like to be more mindful, or make your life more sacred?
  •  Do you need easier access to your own intuition and wisdom?  Or to find your true vision, passion, life’s purpose?  
  • Are you ready to release what is holding you back, to see challenges with a different, more playful, perspective?
  • Are you ready for something better–even wonder-full in how you feel about yourself, or who you believe you are?  To be more free-spirited?  To free your creativity?  To claim your female power?  To take charge of your life…to dare to dream and then create the dream?
  • Do you long for support and guidance on your “wisdom journey”, or a slightly older playmate on your “creativity playground”?                   

Well-come to this Support Center, a place where you may 

  • Engage with a skilled and very caring Transformational Life Coach, to shift perspectives on your “problems” and, with skilled guidance, use your inner wisdom and intuition to change your life and live your dreams!  (COACHING IS AVAILABLE!  Please request a FREE Discovery Session to explore whether working with me will be beneficial for you, or whether I have other resources to share or referrals to offer.  The discovery session is a free gift to you, and includes a short coaching process around a current challenge in your life, as a way to give you a taste of my coaching style.  There’s absolutely no obligation to go further with me; it is indeed a free gift!
  • Follow Ariadne’s Thread to initiation into Goddess Wicca (Available at Samhain and Imbolc/ Brighid of each year)
  • Participate in e-programs and courses with associated private forums, on a wide ranging selection of topics combining Nature connection, wisdom journey, creativity  and/or so much more! (Launching gradually / organically over the upcoming years)
  • Enroll in a Women’s Mystery School, or You-University (Launching over the next several years).  eCourses and other offerings for the Women’s Mystery School will launch as amazing inspiration is met with Spirit-guided focus for implementation.  Please request a free DISCOVERY SESSION if you are interested in a customized Year and a Moon program leading to initiation into the next stage of your life (AVAILABLE NOW!)  Possibilities include:  Woman of the 14th Moon (for those who no longer bleed moonthly), Dianic Witch &/or Priestess (a classic initiatory path with unique twists and turns);  Claiming the Role of WiseWoman/ Happy Crone/ Creatrix of Your Own Life/ or    (fill in the blank w/ your own choice!)    .  A discovery session is a free gift to help you clarify your life vision and create an implementation plan; they often include referrals to a multitude of resources.