Arise and Shine, by Sun and Moon!

Arise and Shine, by Sun and Moon!  Speak our We’Moon Truth (the power of Raven)!  We’Moon ARE changing the World!

What is so wonderful about this piece of evocative artwork is that the artist is a young man.  (  Obviously the Divine Feminine is speaking through our sensitive brothers as well as through our we’moon sisters.

Blessed Be!

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2 thoughts on “Arise and Shine, by Sun and Moon!

  1. HaHaHaHa, Last time I couldn’t get the image to publish after copying and pasting. Today that DIY method worked–AND I learned how to post an image the WordPress way. So I have TWO copies of this artwork (and am unable to delete one). A slight learning curve…. But an image worth duplicating, IMHO

  2. I visited the blogger that “liked” this post, and discovered very useful and extremely well-written blogs on journaling by Cynthia interspersed w/ book recommends and other posts there. It’s called Persephone’s Stepsisters.

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