Random synchronicity or shamanic visitation?

Written late afternoon of the previous day, to post on Day 7 of Effy Wild’s Blogalong

I was doing a bit of tranceplay in the Magic Chase a little while ago, getting intuitive “downloads” for the Blogalong, noticing how easy it is to get inspired to write these days.  I went to the Lower World of my personal Shamanalandia, where my animal guides reside, and inquired if anyone had a message for me.  A curved-bill thrasher in the physical Healing Grove started calling whoo-eet, pause, whoo-eet, which seemed to me to translate into “Listen up!”  A bird I had never heard before would reply to each “Listen up!” with a 3-part call that seemed to say “Check your [rattatattatatta],” which I intuitively knew referred to all those files labeled “Blog Ideas,” “Daily prompts,” “Writing Assignments” from writing coaches, “Quotes Useful for NWJ,” etc.  “OK,” I thought, “very clear, thank you…” and secretly (I hoped), “…but that suggestion is not very exciting.” (I am rather addicted to spontaneity and newness).

My thoughts wandered to the way the sky overhead (through the mesquite branches) had become less cloudy and more blue, the remaining clouds whiter and less substantial, during my time reclining in the chaise.  Suddenly, a rather plump female hummingbird flew past my head and perched up in one of the mesquites.  I couldn’t see her due to the overlay of many branches of the mesquites overhead and the tall wolfberry bush next to me, but I could hear the quiet comments she was making to herself.

IMG_1739I spoke quietly to her from my near-trance, Nature-connected state.  “The wolfberry is blooming,” I told her.  Immediately she swooped down to a small blossom quite near me, dipped her long beak inside it, uttered a rather loud squeak, and then proceeded to feed from other blossoms on the bush.

My old rational mind would say, “random synchronicity of timing.”  Subjectively, shamanically, I feel her immediate flight to feed on wolfberry nectar, plus that one, unusually loud, call when she first discovered the nectar, was a direct response and quick thankyou to me for the gift of information.  I know which belief system gives me a lot more joy!  And, synchronistically, the Medicine Cards teach that Hummingbird represents Joy!  And wolfberry nectar will be the drink of choice for my emerging tribe of “we’moon who want to run with the wolves!”

Joy Joy Joy!  Small creatures like Hummingbird open my heart so easily.  Writing this for my blog a day early opens space for the physical work I need to do tomorrow.  The reminder from MysteryBird of the abundance of ideas and prompts that I have as backup, just in case I don’t receive inspiration one of these blogalong days, gives me comfort.  And I know it is unlikely that I will need to consult those old files.  Inspiration is flowing here like the creeks up the mountain flow so musically right after a rain!



Okay, I’m going back outside now for what promises to be another awesome sunset.  I’ll take a photo to show you, and post this tomorrow, Day 7 of the Blogalong.

Thanks for reading my story.  Hope you enjoyed it!

G’night, y’all!

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6 thoughts on “Random synchronicity or shamanic visitation?

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    • Oooh, a Tea Priestess! Must visit your site and see more. Thanks for your affirmative comments–it’s nice knowing my ideas resonate and help other sisters. Another way to find inspiration to write (or art) is to consult ones Muse. Maybe I’ll write a blog post on that…. Blessings, Sister!

  2. Ohhhhh,,,,,I needed to be here tonight to read this. I am very new to journey work and this inspired me to keep at it and it will come to me. I find it so hard right now to be quiet and open my spirit to the journey because it seems like I always get interrupted as I live with my daughter who has 5 young ones. Perhaps when school starts up in a couple weeks I’ll be able to work with journeying a bit more/better. Again,,,thank you for this inspiring post.

    • Sheila, Welcome to journey work, and your own Shamanalandia! If you’re like a lot of us “changed” women, waking in the wee hours… what a wonderfully quiet time for journeying or other tranceplay. And if we fall back asleep, the magic continues in the dreamworld!

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