ARTbundance, or “Art Abundance” is the creation of Marney Madridakis, founder of and author of Creating Time.  It’s a philosophy centered on 9 Principles:  

  • sunflower w sunGratitude 
  • Intuition
  • Balance
  • Attraction
  • Vision
  • Connection
  • Choice
  • Action
  • Service  

As a mode of life coaching, it is playful and intuitive, using creative activities to engage the right brain and bring new perspectives to areas of a client’s life that s/he wishes to change.  No “advice” is given; rather the “magic of the [coaching] session” and the inner knowing of the client bring forth wonder-full (and useful!) imagery and messages.

I recently completed ARTbundance Coaching Training (ACT), which was transformational for me.  I have seen/ experienced wonderful results from the coaching sessions I have received, observed, or coached.  I’m currently offering–for a very limited time only–coaching sessions by donation.  Additionally, I will give a deep discount for the first year of continuing coaching to anyone who begins during Summer of 2013, as a means of jump-starting my business.  Sign up today!  Contact me via email at

I expect to post my fee schedule for coaching within the next month.  Some courses and programs for Nature Wisdom Journey will feature aspects of ARTbundance, and it will be a thread that weaves throughout the evolving vision.  I also plan to offer several of my favorite Artella’s e-courses as affiliate offerings.  

Here are comments from several of my first clients: 

Tithonia w hummingbird“[I feel] motivated, inspired, excited [after the session]”

“The burden is lifted.  I feel lighter!”

(during session): This feels wonderful! (afterward): “I feel relieved!”

“…an awesome session with jEtana”

and from Marney Madridakis:  “jEtana’s communication energy is a melodious flow of connection.”









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