Daily Prompt: I Pledge Allegiance


This rant inspired by the Daily Prompt at WordPress,sent today by michelle w. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/daily-prompt-country/

“Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?”


Matriotism poster--from We'Moon

Matriotism poster from the We’Moon Collective


I am NOT patriotic.  To me, patriotism appears to be unthinking allegiance to a flag, to a history of warfare, genocide and imperialism, and to an ideology of separatism and elitism, based on arbitrary geographic territories that have almost no congruence with ecological or cultural unities.

In this modern age of global interconnectedness, patriotism is something we should all outgrow before it is too late!



pledge allegiance to earth

Pledge Allegiance to Earth–poster from the We’Moon Collective

I Pledge Allegiance to the Whole Earth, which is our Mother Gaia, a precious and unique blue planet where the winds and currents, the migrations of animals, and the flow of rain down watersheds to the sea (returning again as rain) connect us all in a miraculous Web of Life. The individual strands of this Web are fragile, easily severed by the patriots, imperialists and capitalist exploiters.  But if we increase the numbers of linkages and strengthen the connections, this web of interconnected life may survive the idiocies perpetrated in the name of patriotism during the centuries since Columbus “discovered” America and our forefathers stole the land from its indigenous peoples.


Patriotic Americans have led nations such as China to emulate our astonishing overconsumption of material goods.  Our government has refused to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions or otherwise set realistic standards to ensure a sustainable future.  Why would I ever consider pledging allegiance to this military-industrialist complex, or to the global corporations that truly run it?

I hope you will join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to Earth!  By replacing patriotism with matriotism, giving our allegiance to Mother Gaia and her interconnected web of life, we can create a sustainable future–and one with heart.


Wild Nature–and rewilding my own nature

Another gorgeous sunset as the day cools down and crickets wake up

Another gorgeous sunset as the day cools down and crickets wake up (view from the garden compost bin using camera’s maximum zoom)

I sometimes journal using my free account at http://www.penzu.com. The folks at Penzu send me journaling ideas from time to time, and today’s prompt inspires my post for the Blogalong w/ Effy.

Penzu: ““The thing about my own nature is…”

Me: …it’s not WILD enough!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not eager to give up the hard earned wisdom of age for the crazy wildness of my youth.  But perhaps I’ve settled down a bit over much?

What the word wild now means to me is being attuned with the rhythms of the natural world, living peacefully with snakes and other wild creatures, eating wild food when it is available in my habitat, understanding some of the conversations of the local birds (and hurrying quietly to see what they’re excited about–might be a Gila monster!), keeping an open mind and exploring new territory, being spontaneous, feeling free, feeling sensuous….

My body’s health challenges, the deep fatigue of “adrenal burnout” and fiery pain of fibromyalgia, too often prevent my feeling pleasure in my body–other than the delight I can take in the taste and texture of food 😉  (I’ll append my recipe for a delectable green smoothie with wild nettles, yum!).  Tiredness and sensitivity to wind (and skin already damaged by sun) too frequently lead me to take my siesta indoors, and to sit for hours slouching at my computer (as I am doing right now.  Sit up, Grrrlfriend!).

IMG_0157I feel so much better when I walk barefoot on Mother Earth, literally grounding (or Earthing) my Air-predominant nature.  My feet love the various textures of sand, silt, and clay that change depending on rain shifting them and sun drying them down again. Firm sandstone or smooth granite, what strength they transmit.  Newly sprouted grass, tickly!  Moss, spongy….

I love the spontaneity of throwing off the constricting shoes (ANY shoes, even my comfy slip-on sandals, constrict the toes, limits full range of motion, and their usually synthetic soles reputedly prevent the Earth chi from entering out bodies through our feet).  There’s a rush of wildness as I hurry to the delectable sandy place in the driveway, and yes, wondrously sensual pleasure!

If you haven’t gone barefoot outdoors since childhood other than occasionally at the beach, I invite you to try it regularly.  Whatever your environment offers as natural substrate, grass, moss, loose sand, firm packed moist sand, sandstone, yummy mud…will feed your wild spirit–through your feet!

IMG_0317There’s another sensual thing I used to do often, a way I experience a wonderfully pleasurable sense of sinking into “heavy gravity” when I take my fatigue to the reclining chair in my little Healing Grove.  Pain becomes pleasure as I tilt back in the magic chaise–aaah!  Last year I spent a lot of time “flying” mentally there while too exhausted even to read.  And so I watched the mesquite trees leaf out in early April, their blossoms emerge and bees buzz busily in them (mesquite honey is the best!), thin green pods elongate and turn to straw (or burgundy!) colors as they ripen, then fall to the ground (and on me!).

IMG_0988After the harvest, which I take to a milling party so I can “eat mesquite” to attune to place in the wild locavore way, I watched the old leaves turn grayish (rather like what’s happening to my red hair!), cling to the branches deep into the winter, then finally let go and fall in early February. The sky changed color with the seasons, the weather, the time of day, and the lacey branches (seeming delicate with their small, pinnately compound leaves) often danced in front of the beautiful sky backdrop, especially when clouds were perhaps bringing rain.  Various birds came and went, and the tiny Lucy’s Warbler built a nest in a saguaro “boot” I had hung in the tree.  That “perky” little bird, and the small bark lizards gave me so much pleasure, opening my heart in the way of small creatures.

I’ve done a lot of deep inner healing work last year and this with my coach Scout Wilkins, and during my ARTbundance coaching training, along with seasonal cleanses with Ingrid de Hart, so this warm season I have a lot more energy than I did last year. Occasionally I’ll get hit by a wave of fatigue when I’m working in my gardens, and fall gratefully into the magic chaise, experiencing once again that “hitting the wall” pain instantly morphing into “heavy gravity” pleasure.  My spirit soars through the mesquite branches into the evening sky, and I wonder why I don’t “find” time to “float” there every day.



Now that I’ve confessed that publicly, I feel “called” to commit to making”time-out of time” in the magic chaise a daily practice!  Yes, I’ll do it!  How about you–do you need some time resting and attuning with the natural world around you?  I invite you to join me!

PS, For the delectable wild greens smoothie, harvest enough nettle tops (wearing gloves!) to yield about 2 cups of leaves.  In this order, put into your blender 1 banana (frozen is nice!), the yummy part of a mango (or a cup or so of frozen pieces), a scoop of protein powder, 2 Tbsp of chia seeds presoaked in a cup or two of coconut milk, 1-2 cups of nettles leaves (or spinach or kale).  Add enough coconut milk, coconut water, or other liquid for easy blending, and perhaps a few ice cubes if you didn’t use frozen fruit. Blend until smooth.

Optional: include a sprig of mint w/ the nettle leaves, &/or use as a garnish. Be sure to enjoy your smoothie in that perfect Nature-watching place in your yard!  Imagine the strenght of the nettles empowering your body….

I highly recomend Ingrid de Hart’s seasonal “Nutritional Cleanses (http://eatwellenjoylife.com/), Scout Wilkins’ self-transformation programs and coaching (http://scoutwilkins.com/), and ARTbundance coaching training and a multitude of creativity enhancing offerings at http://artellaland.com.  For enhancing your “nature connection” and finding your own wild wisdom, inner happiness and creative flow, stay tuned for the upcoming launch of my own e-programs at http://naturewisdomjourney.com


Fountain of Youth

Daily Prompt: Forever Young

by michelle w.

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

Interesting question today from WordPress blog insipration maven Michelle!  Personally, I would drink just enough from the Fountain of Youth to regain my vim and vigor.  I’d know I’d drunk enough when I had the energy to resume country dancing, yes!  But I’d be careful not to drink too much of these addictive waters, because I love the wisdom that I have earned over the course of the six decades of my life.  It would be terribly unfortunate for that accumulated wisdom to be washed away into the foolishness of youth… Ugh, the though of having to learn those “life lessons” over again, no thank you!

How about you?  To drink or not to drink, that would be a difficult question, or wouldn’t it?