Through a Lover’s Eyes–Guest Blog from Tanya Levy

Introducing our Guest

Tanya Levy is our HeartLady on the Facebook group Small Stones: Writing Our Way Home.  She often posts inspirational photo collages of her own creation, or photos of cloudscapes (etc) where she sees hearts, usually accompanied by lovely “small stone” poems. I mentioned  in my post of August 28 (“Seeing with our Child Eyes”), that Tanya inspired me to try to recapture my child’s eyes for seeing images in clouds.

copyright HeartLady

photo by HeartLady.  For her, a puffy white heart.  For me, a fat white hen.  For a friend, a witch on a broomstick, boots dangling!


I included two of her cloud heart photos in that post, along with several of my own cloud menageries.  I asked Tanya if she would share with us her magical way of seeing, which is playful in a more romantic and visionary way than my own reawakening “child eyes.”   And she graciously agreed….



Guest Blog from the HeartLady, Tanya Levy

Let your heart burst forth with love--Tanya Levy

When we flirt we share affection. We see a stranger or a friend through a lover’s eyes.  I believe life becomes more energized when we see the world as a lover would, pursuing it with the passion of doing anything to fulfill the desire’s of our dear one’s heart; the world becomes brighter, more alive and exciting.

Here is an excerpt of a poem I wrote for my first husband.

lovers eyes JE“I owe you much

My whole heart’s desire

I owe you much

For lighting my fire”


Or from my recent wedding vows, “I shall love you for as long as the sun rises each morning and the stars shine each night.”

Today I marry the Keeper of my Heart, my life companion. You ground me and bring me peace. I shall love you for as long as the moon shines each night and the stars dim each morning”


golden raindrop heart--Tanya Levy

golden raindrop heart–photo by HeartLady

Seeing life through a lover’s eyes is not limited to romantic love. A lover’s eyes can see the magic in a sunset, the heart in a clouded sky or the happiness of a long awaited visit from a dear friend.

Children are easily caught up in the magic of love; pledging allegiance to a prince or princess, traipsing off on an adventure through a fairy kingdom to meet a frog prince or a ballerina mouse.

Think of the things we tell our children. “I love you all the way to the moon and back and all the way around the universe”. Remember how wondrous it is to see a warm sunrise and look forward to a day at the beach or a walk in the sunshine.


Believing in others and supporting their success gives us a peek at the expanse of a lover’s heart. Rose-coloured glasses are not essential. Using elbow grease to back up our heart felt sentiments is the backbone of a lover’s eyes. When we do laundry for someone we love, send them a note, plant a garden or cook soup from scratch; we build a foundation to hold our lover’s heart.

Love Yourself--Tanya LevyI encourage you to spend a day looking through a lover’s eyes, seeking the bounty of nature, looking for ways to support those you care about or finding a favourite author on sale at a second hand bookstore. Better yet, be kind to yourself as if you were being kind to someone you were head over heads in love with, treat yourself, cherish yourself; fall in love with life all over again. Light yourself up <3.

 j’Etana’s postscript

Small blue heart appears briefly this cloudy day

Small blue heart appeared briefly this cloudy day.  (photo by jEtana)



I love that last sentence!  To see myself through a lover’s eyes–yes!  …and strangers, friends, clouds….

While going through my late summer photos, I discovered a heart in the clouds–a heart I had missed seeing when I photographed that sky. I’m definitely going to follow Tanya’s suggestions to bring more hearts, and more loving energy, into my life, by seeing with lover’s eyes!


You can see more of Tany’s heart images, as well as her beautiful inspirational collages, on her facebook page


Wasp Moon(s)

Wasp Moon #1, posted to Small Stones 1 June

Newly discovered paper wasp nest in my persimmon tree, 1June13

Newly discovered wasp nest in my persimmon tree, 1 June 2013

In persimmon

small paper umbrella

never noticed


this morning

six yellow wasps


to the underside…

Newly discovered paper wasp nest in my persimmon tree, 1June13

Another view of the paper wasp nest in my persimmon tree, 1 June 2013

I shake the tree while watering

one wasp flies away

five others

not yet ready

stretch wings toward

young sun


I first posted my Wasp Moon photos and small stone on June 1, on the Facebook group Small Stones-Writing Our Way Home.  I have watered that persimmon tree almost daily over the summer, and only recently noticed that the wasps have never left.  Instead, they have continued to enlarge the nest, one tiny mouthful of slowly masticated bark at a time.

I wonder, without winter’s frosts, would this nest be continually expanded for years? What wonderful mysteries there are in my yard, too frequently unnoticed!  When will young wasps emerge from the eggs sealed in those paper cells?  I hope I can be more mindful to look at what is happening each day in my little tree!

Paper wasps, slowly  enlarging persimmon tree nest for over 2  months

Paper wasps, after slowly enlarging persimmon tree nest for over 2 months


Wasp Moon #2, written 7 August 2013:



paper wasps

I thought hatchlings

were adults slowly enlarging



I’m learning that mindfulness is about noticing small changes (or sometimes, lack of change) in the same things previously noticed.  Even my aging, fatigue-challenged self craves the excitement of new experiences.  Even my Nature-connected, science-trained, slow-moving self gets lost in my own vatta-predominanat [air-]head and forgets to notice the small miracles and mysteries that abound in my small world.

Hohokan petroglyph located 10 miles by crowflight from my home

Hohokan petroglyph located 10 miles by crowflight from my home

Summation Stone for the Wasp Moons cairn:


I am

[for] eyes to see….

May I use them


Agreeing with Proust: Having New Eyes


At first glance, a charming thought. But then I realized no one “makes” me happy. I am the charming gardener of my own life, & so I shall send this card to myself!

On Day 1 of the Blogalong, I was “Arguing with Proust,”  a French author who lived quite a long time ago (1871 – 1922) and apparently responsible for this rather innocuous, but to my mind extremely outdated, quote featured on a contemporary thank you card.  After purchasing the card for a friend, I started thinking about the quote and it really annoyed me.  (Isn’t annoyance grrrrr8 inspiration for an energetic blog rant!).

Today, however, when I was cruising through my “Quotes useful for Nature Wisdom Journey” folder looking for inspiration for a blog less subjective than a number of my preceding posts, I found this delightfully relevant quote from Marcel Proust himself:

“The real voyage lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”
~ Marcel Proust

I can get behind this quote!  It speaks of a voyage—a journey of discovery, and of how to get to the desired destination—which is a new way of seeing (or, I might add, thinking).  With new ways of perceiving, we find treasures hidden in unexpected places.  We also notice things that need changing, after tolerating them for such a long time (my clutter comes to mind).  My coach has helped me find—and transform–subconscious beliefs that really hadn’t served me well for a very long time (or perhaps ever!), and I am excited by the prospect of helping others in that way.

To go on a journey to new inner landscapes can be as exciting as a voyage of exploration in the physical world. We can access our subconscious mind via hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming techniques (NLP).  Or we can go on shamanic journeys to access intuitive knowing in wonderfully playful ways.  I call my shamanic world Shamalandia, and each journey is interesting, amazing, playful, insightful in its own unique way.

Another technique to invoke inspiration and find answers and content is to invoke our Muse to access our creativity for art or writing.  I have found that if I write my question for my Muse, then switch the pen to my non-dominant hand I can “download” Her answer.  It often seems that my Muse and my shamanic Guides tell me things I already know, but their choice of what to say is helpful, and they often surprise me, especially if I use divination cards before going into trance.

Complete photo collection as of 23.5.2013 048

Shrine to my Muse, GaiaLunaBrighid

Do you have a Muse?  Do you know her name?  Have you made a portrait or image of her?  How do you invoke her?  (If you haven’t become conscious of, or created, your Muse, would you be interested in doing so?)

Do you travel the shamanic realms with your Guides?  Would you be interested in learning how?

Have you worked on transforming your outdated subconscious beliefs?  Would you be interested in doing so with a guide who is further along that path and eager to extend a helping hand?

As you can see, with today’s questions I am seeking expressions of interest in the programs and courses I am currently developing.  ARTbundance coaching is already available (sign up while it’s still offered by “spirit-guided donation!), and I will take an NLP intensive in the Fall to deepen my coaching skills.

By whatever means you choose, “Goddess speed” on your personal journey!  May you find “new eyes” to discover the magic of your inner realms, where your inner wisdom awaits.

Bon Voyage!


Saying what I’m feeling–Blogalong Day 11, & another day post-surgery

“Be who you are and say what you feel,

for those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

~Dr. Suess~


Today, Day 11 of the Blogalong and for me Day 3 post-surgery, I’m feeling rather like a freight train ran over me—you know, the one from this cynical rewrite of a Pollyannaish old saw:

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel…

…and it’s a train headed your way!


Anyone who has been following my blog knows that I am usually a happy person, or at least hopeful and focusing on positive thoughts.  I have cultivated my good attitude through two intensive years of personal growth work and play, and I take well-deserved pride in having overcome a long lifetime of pessimism and severe depression.  A gifted life coach (Scout Wilkins), along with other teachers, healers, and mentors, guided me to amazing self-transformation, and I am in the process of becoming a coach and teacher/mentor myself.

I’m living a conscious life, and developing programs to offer to others, which means I am practicing and mulling over and sharing what I have learned in the process of self-transformation.  Thus most of my recent blogs have been about how to live a happy life, with digressions into feminist exhortations and pagan musings, and I have enjoyed turning the focus from “me” to “you” at the end of most posts.

Today I’m having trouble cheerleading myself into the frame of mind that I want.  I wrote in my Gratitude Journal this morning, listing nine things I am grateful for since Thursday (Surgery Day), but I found it difficult to feel the emotion of gratefulness, because the acute pain is rather fierce (and I’m stubbornly avoiding the prescribed narcotic and trying to minimize liver damage from Tylenol).

I hurt.

But I’m not having a meltdown into wailing, or hyperventilating over certain self-care procedures, like I did yesterday.  I am becoming inured to the appearance of the wounds that I must cleanse and dress, and my bowels are almost functioning normally as the narcotics leave my system.  I slept fairly well last night—or wonderfully well compared with the night in hospital!

OK, that last sentence looks more like my usual style of genuine gratitude.  A little “fake it ‘til you make it,” but that’s okay.  Power of positive thought!


My mantra for today is one I learned from a wuwu hypnotherapy cassette tape I grew to loathe back in the late ‘80’s during one of my horribly long and dark depression episodes.

Every day in every way

I am feeling better, better, better!

I remembered this long-forgotten mantra while talking w/ the cashier at Trader Joe’s on my way home yesterday. You know how they always ask, “How are you today?”  First I replied, “Better than yesterday!” and then I put my hands into meditation mudras and recited a paraphrase of this quite relevant-if trite-healing mantra.  We laughed, and for that moment I did feel better.  (Laughter is the best medicine!)

Today, I am loving this mantra’s intention.  Evoking belief is not easy while feeling so much acute pain, but I’ll do my best, and celebrate every sign of healing progress.


Thank you to everyone who has sent healing energy, intentions, wishes, prayers, blessings!  You moved me to tears when I checked in with blog and forum comments yesterday.  Today I’m especially remembering the woman who commented on my Day 8 post (paraphrased from memory) “Thank you [for the coaching part of that post], but remember to take really gentle care of yourself as you heal.”  I took her directive to heart this morning, and Dr. Seuss’s quote as well, and am focusing on myself and “saying what I feel.”

I hurt.  I really hurt!


And I know the healing has begun, and will accelerate day by day.

“Every day in every way I am feeling better, better, better.”


I hope that whatever pain you may be feeling, whether physical or emotional, will ease, day by day, or lift in an instant of miraculous transformation.  Please know from my testimony that even the darkest and most hopeless times not only pass but can be transformed into sustainable happiness.  And if you’re a redhead and/or at midlife or beyond, please don’t wait 4 years to see a dermatologist about a “questionable” spot like I did!  I have done the “live and learn” thing on that one, and hope you will avoid the mistake I made.

Sending y’all love, and feeling almost teary to be connected with you through the magical worldwide web.  That makes it easier to deal with the “what is.”  Thank you!

Blessed Be!

Are you defiant enough?

Blogalong–Skipped Day 9 (1st day post surgery).  Day 10 today, posting this previously written draft from last Sunday or Monday, w/out photos, alas.  I hope to be back w/ “technicolor” posts tomorrow or very soon….

Thank you to everyone who has sent healing energy/ wishes/ prayers.  “Every day in every way I am getting better better better” 🙂


I recently saw this quote, and it is inspiring this next post for the blogalong:.

”If you have never been called a defiant, incorrigible, impossible woman… have faith… there is yet time.” – Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run with the Wolves.

I love this quote!  How about you?  Do you still care so much about what others think that you aren’t yet living authentically?  Personaly, I have been a rebel since adolescence but often hid my radicalness under a veneer of “niceness” in order to keep the peace (and my job).

At some dreadful cost….

I love being an outspoken old woman!  It feels so good.  Too bad it is often hard for us to speak our truth and live as our authentic selves before menopause and empty nests and retirement remove the social constraints that hold most women back from defiance or even truth.

But there’s still time!  If you feel the call, go for it, ladies!  (Or should I write “wimmin”?!)


In case this particular quote doesn’t appeal to you, how about this “bumper sticker” quote, a great favorite of mine?

“It’s not too late to have a happy childhood!”


I invite you to vote for “defiant,” “happy childhood”, both, or neither in the comments section below.

We are BUDdists here!

Not a Buddhist


Moody sunset, perhaps emblematic of my former bipolar self: short-lived hypomanic color with looming depression darkness.

In my early 20’s when I was shopping around for a spiritual path to replace the theologically uninteresting Presbyterianism of my childhood, I lived for a year at the Lama Foundation, an eclectic spiritual “intentional” community high in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico.  The Buddhism practiced there was Zazen, which seemed to me designed by sadistic depressives. I would sit in fiery physical (and sometimes mental) agony trying to “watch” my breath, eat in silence (cross legged on a zafu), sit still for what seemed such a long time, walk excruciatingly slowly, sit, “chop wood, haul water,” sit (again!)…. The “chop wood, haul water” part was fine for the young back-to-the-land hippie that I was, but my legs, my back, my spirit were in such pain from the sitting still, with my scoliosis, my busy mind.  Where was the fun, the playfulness, the ecstasy that I craved?  And so from the smorgasbord of spiritual paths practiced at Lama that year, I chose Bakti Yoga. It delighted the hypomanic part of my bipolar self, which I still hoped was the “true me.”

Now a Buddist

Another gorgeous sunset as the day cools down and crickets wake up

Another gorgeous sunset as the day cools down and crickets wake up

Decades later, bipolar disorder finally stabilized (naturally–thank goddess those tricyclic meds didn’t work for me!), my metaphorical cup is no longer less than half full but actually overflows frequently with creativity and happiness. When I learned of the Goddess revival, I finally found my “true religion” and I became a born-again” pagan.  That wasn’t enough to cure my bipolar (natural minerals and NLP did the trick), but it kept me alive during some really hard years. Now my Earth-based spirituality feeds my senses, grounds me, and helps me soar from time to time.

I am creating my life now, rather than letting it happen to me.  I plant seeds of intentions in what I call my Gratitude Garden: seeds of okayness, seeds of peacefulness, seeds of happiness. Seeds of the life I desire:  health, community, home, right livelihood via a heart-based business.  I’ve been planting these seeds so my “garden” (myself!) will flourish all through my “wisdom” years.  Some seeds are already blossoming, others still germinating.  Wondrously, some have borne fruit already (thus I’m able to “open shop” as a creativity/ life coach, to help others bloom).


Changing the garden metaphor a bit, I’ve pruned out some unopened buds of outdated dreams, and some shriveled fruit that never ripened. This allowed new buds to emerge (via self-evolution and conscious intention) on the tree of my life, buds of peace, happiness, abundance, home, community….  Each bud opens “in the fullness of time,” showing first color, then opening slowly (but more frequently now, rapidly!) into full flower, then ripening into fruits that can be shared with others, seeds that will grow in their gardens.


My Tree of Life is a crazy quilt of contrasting blossoms (and buds and fruits and seeds!), with tiny desert “belly flowers” and brash cactus blossoms, IMG_0313IMG_1646

IMG_0419Tithonia w hummingbird
IMG_1330bright garden flowers (tithonias,  holly- hocks,

et al.!)

and the occasional fern frond or cottontop grass (even some wild oats in remembrance of my crazy youth, and occasional baby’s breath for gentle youthenizing!).  This varied boquet pleases my senses and nourishes my spirit; its colors and textures suit my “multifaceted” personality.

Are youBuddist too?

What buds are forming on your Tree of Life?  Which buds are showing first color?  (What color?)  Which are in full bloom?  Any buds or dried up fruits you need to prune out?  What fruits or seeds are ready to share with others?

Rainbow over flowering almond. Without clouds, no rainbows!

Let your dreams burst into bloom!

Rainbow blessings that your Tree of Life receive the nutrients it needs, warm sunlight, plenty of rain… Be a Buddist and blossom!




,Midday, the tenderest plants in my gardens wilt in the desert heat.  And so does the gardener!  As I practice cultivating a happy life in my inner Gratitude Garden, I notice my tendency to get “complainy” when temperatures linger in the teens (typical of our “Dry Summer”) or when sticky sweat doesn’t evaporate on the muggy days after monsoons set in.  What’s a gratitude gardener to do in the face of daily physical misery?  Other than investing in a coal-fired electricity- devouring a/c, that is?  (Not an option: this gardener by definition is dedicated to “living lightly” on Mother Gaia).

My mentors like SARK and my coach Scout Wilkins tell me to “allow” what is, without judgment, and to focus on the things I can be genuinely grateful for.  Pollyanna (remembered very unfondly from childhood) would have me look for the silver lining to the clouds [my old Inner Cynic would reply, “clouds–of steam?”!].


Silver--no, Gold linings to these sunset clouds

Silver–no, Gold linings to these sunset clouds!

I now believe Pollyanna may actually have had the right idea: to focus on the positive wherever we can find it.  I still object to her obnoxious, overly cheerful denial of “what is.”  There’s often a blessing, a gift or lesson, in the heavy, hard, or miserable things that life throws at us.  By accepting the unpleasant, we can access the gift.  Then, by diverting our minds to what we can be grateful for in the midst of the misery, we plant the seeds for happiness to return.  Every grateful thought cultivates the soul’s soil to grow more things to be grateful for!

And so, each summer morning as I soak the earth in my permaculture gardens with water from the neighborhood well, I savor the brief blessing of the cool air with its hint of moisture. My garden beds are mulched to hold as much water in place as possible in this low desert where evapotranspiration vastly exceeds precipitation.  My spirit is mulched by the morning’s gratitude practice.  Garden and gardener accept the day’s challenge, wilting midday if we must, then rebounding with the evening’s watering (coconut water for me, yum!) and the return of [relative] coolness.

Sunset colors the virga (rain that evaporated before reaching the thirsty earth)

Sunset colors the virga (rain that evaporated before reaching the thirsty earth)

Lest this sounds too Pollyannaish, and unlikely to work for the harder challenges of life, let me give a testimonial.  Last week I left Trader Joe’s in the early afternoon with a big bag of frozen food, including a quart of my favorite Coffee Blast! ice cream. On my way out of town, my van’s water pump died with quite scary loud banging.  I was able to pull into a parking lot, grateful for that refuge from the extremely busy street and for the small remaining charge on my phone battery.  It took over two hours for the tow driver to show up and get the van to my mechanic on the other end of Tucson.  The repair shop office had a new air “freshener” (which should read “air toxifier”–those chemicals are toxic for anyone, but especially for someone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities!).  I had to wait outside in my car for over an hour (no a/c cool refuge for me, gotta breathe!) before my best friend got off work and came to retreive me.

I was please to notive that I easily maintained my pleasantness with all involved in my little drama—including with my own mind!  The months of gratitude gardening have borne fruit!  I was able to maintain inner and outer peacefulness in spite of unpleasant physical symptoms from heat and pollution, long waits in challenging locations, a large repair bill, and yes, the completely melted ice cream!  Everyone involved in my story was helpful (even if a bit slow!), and formerly shy me initiated mutually enjoyable conversations where I was able to affirm each person’s abilities and express gratitude for their help.  Interestingly, my recovery from that day’s chemical exposures and stresses was remarkably brief, done by midmorning the next day rather than taking several days as it used to!  I believe gratitude made all the difference. And I believe gratitude is helping me not only be happy “in spite of” my illness, but actually healing it.


Rainbow over flowering almond. Without clouds, no rainbows!

Rainbow over flowering almond. Without clouds, no rainbows!


Would YOU like to become a happier person?  If you would, do you have a regular gratitude practice?  If yes, you want more happiness, but no, you don’t have a gratitude practice to help you, here’s the simple one I use:

Start keeping a gratitude journal:  Each morning when you wake up, take a few minutes to write down five* things you are grateful for in that moment.  Take a few deep breaths and feel into your deep gratitude for these things you have listed….

You can go deeper….  Where in your body do you feel your gratitude at this moment? What color is it?  What does it taste like?What does it sound like?

Yes, even on a morning after too little sleep, feeling headachy or perhaps even “down with the flu” there are things to be grateful for—the stove that is heating the water for your favorite beverage, the reward that whatever task you’ve gotten up to do may bring you, abundant food in the larder, the pillow that awaits your return…. (I have noticed that thoughts such as these help my morning headaches leave more quickly!  Grumping about how bad I felt certainly did not.  Many people are now teaching that what we focus on is what we get more of, and experience has made me a believer.)

If you want to accelerate your progress toward greater happiness, start a complementary celebrations log, listing 5* things you celebrate from your day just before you go to sleep.  This journal is the place to notice evidence of “the magic happening”—desired changes taking place, dreams coming true, little (or big!) miracles….  Feel into this “celebration”—does it make you feel satisfied, joyous, ecstatic, excited … grateful, happy?

*You can change the number five to your own magical number (some coaches suggest three, but I often have trouble stopping with five!).  Feel free to elaborate as inspired with longer journal entries or perhaps some artplay.  My own journal entries have become more colorful over time, which makes me even more happy when I look at them.  (I intend to start adding glitter soon!)

Heart of the flower backlit by the mornng sun

Heart of the flower backlit by the mornng sun

I believe that by doing these simple practices you will one day soon realize you are HAPPY and that your dreams are coming true.

Blessed Be!

ps… Coming soon, the launch of my first e-course, Journey to the Gratitude Garden–Seven Weeks to a Happier Life.  I think it is beautiful!

I’ll give a 50% discount on the course to all who post substantive comments on this blog!


August Blogalong #1: Arguing with Proust

…my first blogalong post (Will there really be 29 more?!)  Thank you to Effy for inspiring me to energize my blog!  I’ll post musings relevant to Nature Wisdom Journey here, and others at

Arguing with Proust

or, Who Makes Me Happy?

I love sending (and receiving) cards!  Recently I purchased a Thank You card for my best friends.


I was in the checkout line at Trader Joe’s and this card’s cheerful flowers attracted my eye, along with the words “gardeners” and “blossom” and the name of the quote’s author. At that moment, the card seemed perfect! These very supportive friends are gardeners, and one of them reads Proust in the original French.  I wanted to thank them, and this looked like a “very nice” (and easy!) way to do so.

But as I was driving home I started thinking about the quote.  And then I started arguing with Proust!  “Wait a minute! I am responsible for my own happiness, not my friends (or lovers or life circumstances).  My true friends support my soul’s blossoming, but they do not make it happen–I do!  I am happy my friends are in my life, and I really enjoy being with them, but they do not make me happy–I do!”

Taking responsibility for my own happiness has led me to actually becoming a happy person for the first time in my life.  I am the “charming gardener” of my own soul!

I’m going to have to do some altered art before sending this card, perhaps using gesso to cover the verbs I disagree with, and/or collaging in words like “support.”  Or better, create a thank-you card for my friends from scratch and alter this card for myself!


[Deep gratitude to my life coach, Scout Wilkins, for guiding me to the place where I took responsibility for my own happiness, and showing me how to nurture it with gratitude]



Guest Blog: Scout Wilkins “What is True Freedom”

What is True Freedom?

by Scout Wilkins on July 4, 2013
IMG_9188_2July 4, 2013

American Independence Day


What is true freedom?

True freedom is being willing and able to show up completely as yourself, who you really are.


Which to me means:

Being free of any thoughts that would have me deny who I really am, at a soul level.

Free of those old conditioned thoughts that are based in fear. The thoughts that would keep me attached to the illusion that I am small and limited.

Thoughts like:

  • I have something to prove.
  • I am not OK, just as I am.
  • I don’t really belong; I owe something for being here.
  • That other people matter more than me.


What would YOU do, if you were free of thoughts like that, and able to fully and beautifully be who you are, in all your shiny brilliance?


How about declaring YOUR independence today?


Here’s my personal pledge:

I will live from this place of true freedom, as much as I can in any given moment. I will love myself and cut myself slack when I forget. I will treat myself with the love, respect and appreciation that I deserve. I will love fully and openly, and continue to release the protections I have built up around myself. I will set myself free to be exactly who I came here to be, as much as I can, in each moment. I will use this in every way I can to help move the world toward the vision I see:

A world filled with beautifully self-aware people who love themselves, love each other, love the earth and act accordingly.

This is the choice I will live from.

Will you join me?

Namaste and thank you.

Scout head shot medium







“Liking” one’s own posts

Do you ever “like” your own posts when you revisit them to read comments, or come across them in your Facebook feed?  It seems there is a cultural taboo around this practice, an offshoot of the deeply entrenched (and totally erroneous) idea that it is “selfish” to love oneself.

As I have become more established in self-care and self-love (and reaped the benefits of a happier, healthier life as a result), I’ve started “liking” my social media and blog posts in the same way I “like” certain posts by other people.  If my words, or photos of my art, please me aesthetically, or speak to me from a wisdom place, or tickle my sense of humor, I really should “like” them, don’t you agree?

I proposed we all help end this taboo by “liking” our own postings, and truly loving ourselves!

TL--Personal Balance on the Beauty WayI predict amazing things will happen!