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While you are eagerly awaiting my awesome programs (which I am “downloading” by the notebookful!), you can get started with three of my own mentors’ e-programs.  I have personally benefited greatly from these courses and programs, and I honor respect and adore the women who created them.  I’m happy to recommend them to you–and I will get an affiliate bonus if you use my links to Jani and Marney’s offerings, or give my name as the referral to Scout’s.  Thank you for doing so, which will help jump-start the “moula flow” to my new biz!

Jani Franck’s Creativity Courses and Programs

You might benefit from (and enjoy!) Jani Franck’s very affordable creativity e-courses.  They helped me unblock my creativity, mostly lost to the “Not Good Enough” blockmonster back during my school days. Jani is lots of fun, cheeky and pagan and a self-proclaimed glitter-bomber.  I adore her!  To visit Jani’s website, click here.    

If this is really new to you, start with Jani’s Unearthing Your Creative Nature or Creative Journaling e-courses. They’re both great ways to overcome those Blockmonsters and free up your creativity!  I love what I created in these courses–created almost daily, after years of being too intimidated to draw and not very inspired to journal.

I’m currently enrolled in Follow the Butterflies, Jani’s 3-month course which offers a unique approach to the hero’s (or hera’s!) journey.  I am loving this course, and highly recommend it.   

I’s so excited that I will soon be in Jani’s new awesome (and affordable!) business mentoring program for creatives, Blooming Creatives.  Join this program if you’re ready to go deeper into your creativity, or perhaps begin to sell your work!  (And apply quickly, because almost all the spots are filled already).  This program begins August first and runs for three months.  

Marne Madridakis’ Artellaland

 Marney Madridakis’ programs are great too, delightfully quirky in a different way from Jani’s, and also very affordable.  Marney is a prolifically creative woman who I adore! Check out Artellaland for her offerings.

I really like the free Gratitude Garden from Artella.  I believe gratitude is key to transforming ourselves and our lives (and the world!)

If you’re interested in becoming a creativity- or life coach I highly recommend Marney’s ARTbundance Coaching Training (ACT).  I love the ARTbundance approach to coaching and to entrepreneurship and service!  The program itself is often life-changing for the students (personal testimony!), and there is a community and optional mentoring for support and guidance after the course ends.

You can volunteer to be a coaching client for someone finishing ACT–a great way to get a taste of this style of coaching!  Click here to sign up, or to get on the mailing list for presentations and events from ACT graduates and Marney herself.

Scout Wilkins’ Traveling Light

Scout (http://scoutwilkins.com) is the most amazing life-changer I know, my personal life coach.  I have blossomed under her guidance, going from very “stuck” to living in gratitude a life that flows more and more easily toward my dreams.  I highly recommend Scout’s coaching to people who are ready for deep transformation and willing to invest in themselves.  She offers several free downloads which are very helpful (I love “Change the Question”!), a Discovery Session that actually is an actual coaching session that will take you deep for a very powerful shift, “VIP” coaching that will transform your life session by session, and a wonderful new, very affordable, 21-day group program:

Risk, Leap, Dream, Dare

21 Days to the Clarity, Confidence and Courage to be yourself and do what you love.


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