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Page under construction (actually, business under construction!).  Until I get clarity on my pricing, and figure out how to install those magic PayPal buttons or a “shopping cart,” I’m gifting my tribe with “sliding scale” coaching sessions–a “limited time offer!” Suggested minimum of $27 per session, “power of three, change your world with creativity!”   Contact me today, at, for a free 15 minute discovery call or to arrange your first coaching session.

Coaching consists of a 1-on-1 Skype session lasting between 30 minutes and an hour, followed by an emailed summary of the high points of the session and suggestions for followup creativity around the subject(s) addressed.  I will encourage you to email me within a week of the session to report your successes and any continuing challenges.  

Expect a wide range of coaching and mentoring modalities, intuitively chosen to catalyze your desired transformations from ARTsignments (from ARTbundance coaching), hypnotherapy, NLP techniques, creative visualization, and even magic spells!  Sessions are playful yet can be deeply transforming, especially with followup work/play around the issues being addressed.  And of course, a series of sessions is most effective (there will be “package deals” and group coaching options).  

When you have scheduled, and/or received, a coaching session, please send a check (made out to Jetana Allison, PO Box 86985, Tucson AZ 85754).  Thank you for contributing to my new “save the world one person at a time”  business!

Another interim strategy: AFFILIATE MARKETING . I’m only offering programs that I truly like, and which really helped me on my journey to creativity, self-love, coaching, and entrepreneurship.  Check them out using the links on the “Recommendations” page, and I will receive a share of the fees you pay!  (Thanks for helping start the moula flow to my new business!)


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