Through a Lover’s Eyes–Guest Blog from Tanya Levy

Introducing our Guest

Tanya Levy is our HeartLady on the Facebook group Small Stones: Writing Our Way Home.  She often posts inspirational photo collages of her own creation, or photos of cloudscapes (etc) where she sees hearts, usually accompanied by lovely “small stone” poems. I mentioned  in my post of August 28 (“Seeing with our Child Eyes”), that Tanya inspired me to try to recapture my child’s eyes for seeing images in clouds.

copyright HeartLady

photo by HeartLady.  For her, a puffy white heart.  For me, a fat white hen.  For a friend, a witch on a broomstick, boots dangling!


I included two of her cloud heart photos in that post, along with several of my own cloud menageries.  I asked Tanya if she would share with us her magical way of seeing, which is playful in a more romantic and visionary way than my own reawakening “child eyes.”   And she graciously agreed….



Guest Blog from the HeartLady, Tanya Levy

Let your heart burst forth with love--Tanya Levy

When we flirt we share affection. We see a stranger or a friend through a lover’s eyes.  I believe life becomes more energized when we see the world as a lover would, pursuing it with the passion of doing anything to fulfill the desire’s of our dear one’s heart; the world becomes brighter, more alive and exciting.

Here is an excerpt of a poem I wrote for my first husband.

lovers eyes JE“I owe you much

My whole heart’s desire

I owe you much

For lighting my fire”


Or from my recent wedding vows, “I shall love you for as long as the sun rises each morning and the stars shine each night.”

Today I marry the Keeper of my Heart, my life companion. You ground me and bring me peace. I shall love you for as long as the moon shines each night and the stars dim each morning”


golden raindrop heart--Tanya Levy

golden raindrop heart–photo by HeartLady

Seeing life through a lover’s eyes is not limited to romantic love. A lover’s eyes can see the magic in a sunset, the heart in a clouded sky or the happiness of a long awaited visit from a dear friend.

Children are easily caught up in the magic of love; pledging allegiance to a prince or princess, traipsing off on an adventure through a fairy kingdom to meet a frog prince or a ballerina mouse.

Think of the things we tell our children. “I love you all the way to the moon and back and all the way around the universe”. Remember how wondrous it is to see a warm sunrise and look forward to a day at the beach or a walk in the sunshine.


Believing in others and supporting their success gives us a peek at the expanse of a lover’s heart. Rose-coloured glasses are not essential. Using elbow grease to back up our heart felt sentiments is the backbone of a lover’s eyes. When we do laundry for someone we love, send them a note, plant a garden or cook soup from scratch; we build a foundation to hold our lover’s heart.

Love Yourself--Tanya LevyI encourage you to spend a day looking through a lover’s eyes, seeking the bounty of nature, looking for ways to support those you care about or finding a favourite author on sale at a second hand bookstore. Better yet, be kind to yourself as if you were being kind to someone you were head over heads in love with, treat yourself, cherish yourself; fall in love with life all over again. Light yourself up <3.

 j’Etana’s postscript

Small blue heart appears briefly this cloudy day

Small blue heart appeared briefly this cloudy day.  (photo by jEtana)



I love that last sentence!  To see myself through a lover’s eyes–yes!  …and strangers, friends, clouds….

While going through my late summer photos, I discovered a heart in the clouds–a heart I had missed seeing when I photographed that sky. I’m definitely going to follow Tanya’s suggestions to bring more hearts, and more loving energy, into my life, by seeing with lover’s eyes!


You can see more of Tany’s heart images, as well as her beautiful inspirational collages, on her facebook page


Random synchronicity or shamanic visitation?

Written late afternoon of the previous day, to post on Day 7 of Effy Wild’s Blogalong

I was doing a bit of tranceplay in the Magic Chase a little while ago, getting intuitive “downloads” for the Blogalong, noticing how easy it is to get inspired to write these days.  I went to the Lower World of my personal Shamanalandia, where my animal guides reside, and inquired if anyone had a message for me.  A curved-bill thrasher in the physical Healing Grove started calling whoo-eet, pause, whoo-eet, which seemed to me to translate into “Listen up!”  A bird I had never heard before would reply to each “Listen up!” with a 3-part call that seemed to say “Check your [rattatattatatta],” which I intuitively knew referred to all those files labeled “Blog Ideas,” “Daily prompts,” “Writing Assignments” from writing coaches, “Quotes Useful for NWJ,” etc.  “OK,” I thought, “very clear, thank you…” and secretly (I hoped), “…but that suggestion is not very exciting.” (I am rather addicted to spontaneity and newness).

My thoughts wandered to the way the sky overhead (through the mesquite branches) had become less cloudy and more blue, the remaining clouds whiter and less substantial, during my time reclining in the chaise.  Suddenly, a rather plump female hummingbird flew past my head and perched up in one of the mesquites.  I couldn’t see her due to the overlay of many branches of the mesquites overhead and the tall wolfberry bush next to me, but I could hear the quiet comments she was making to herself.

IMG_1739I spoke quietly to her from my near-trance, Nature-connected state.  “The wolfberry is blooming,” I told her.  Immediately she swooped down to a small blossom quite near me, dipped her long beak inside it, uttered a rather loud squeak, and then proceeded to feed from other blossoms on the bush.

My old rational mind would say, “random synchronicity of timing.”  Subjectively, shamanically, I feel her immediate flight to feed on wolfberry nectar, plus that one, unusually loud, call when she first discovered the nectar, was a direct response and quick thankyou to me for the gift of information.  I know which belief system gives me a lot more joy!  And, synchronistically, the Medicine Cards teach that Hummingbird represents Joy!  And wolfberry nectar will be the drink of choice for my emerging tribe of “we’moon who want to run with the wolves!”

Joy Joy Joy!  Small creatures like Hummingbird open my heart so easily.  Writing this for my blog a day early opens space for the physical work I need to do tomorrow.  The reminder from MysteryBird of the abundance of ideas and prompts that I have as backup, just in case I don’t receive inspiration one of these blogalong days, gives me comfort.  And I know it is unlikely that I will need to consult those old files.  Inspiration is flowing here like the creeks up the mountain flow so musically right after a rain!



Okay, I’m going back outside now for what promises to be another awesome sunset.  I’ll take a photo to show you, and post this tomorrow, Day 7 of the Blogalong.

Thanks for reading my story.  Hope you enjoyed it!

G’night, y’all!

Fearlessly Traveling Light[er]

Tonight is the Dark[est]Moon, and tomorrow morning the New[est]Moon, so tonight is an auspicious time to do ceremony for releasing what no longer serves our highest good, then set intentions for the coming month.  Let’s prepare now for what is coming: the most anticipated Winter Solstice in millenia, 12.21.12, followed by the somewhat anticlimatic but always wildly celebrated Julian New Year, 1.1.13.

Artist Veronica Funk recently shared a personal tradition on her blog of making a list of New year’s resolutions, which she found are easily forgotten, she finds one word that represents her intentions for the year.  She paints that word on the cover of her annual journal, so each day she is reminded of her intentions (and, I imagine, often creates entries based on how that word and the intentions it represents are showing up in her life).

Today I am immersed in DarkMoon introspection and magic.  My weekly coaching call took me on a shamanic healing quest where I heard my WiseWommon advisor tell me to let go of fear in order to regain my health (thus easily and enjoyably launching my work in the world, wahoo!).  The healing image that came to me in this trance was of a huge golden eagle, soaring effortlessly up a thermal.

And so I will consult  both my “intuitive” and Roget’s thesauruses (thesauri–Who knows proper Latin nowadays?) for my YearWord.  Fearless?  Health? Wellness?  Light?  Soar?  Suggestions, anyone?   I have a week to find my word–and to purchase a new journal (I have the acrylics and brushes ready to install the title and “cover art”–yes, stomach butterflies, I am no longer afraid of making imperfect art!  I will use those new paints!

Here I am Traveling Lighter on the Beauty Way last September:

TL--Personal Balance on the Beauty Way

I intend to embody that playful spirit even in winter, when the trees are bare and the flowers frost-killed and my feet squeezed into wooly socks and clogs, even when I’m “building” my website, even when I’m “working” or “organizing” or “decluttering,” as well as after a 4-day Traveling Light Year retreat.  A carefully chosen one-word reminder will definitely be useful.  I’ll post it here when I’ve committed it to paint!

Do you have a word for the transformation or commitment you are resolved to manifest next year?  [Veronica and] I suggest you post or paint it somewhere you will see it every day.  If you find sharing your intentions brings useful accountablity, post your YearWord here, on Veronica’s blog, on my Facebook page (where you can “share” the link to Veronica’s blog w/ your own FB tribe, Tweet it, wherever!

May we all have a magical Solstice and a truly wondrous New Year!

Arise and Shine, by Sun and Moon!

Arise and Shine, by Sun and Moon!  Speak our We’Moon Truth (the power of Raven)!  We’Moon ARE changing the World!

What is so wonderful about this piece of evocative artwork is that the artist is a young man.  (  Obviously the Divine Feminine is speaking through our sensitive brothers as well as through our we’moon sisters.

Blessed Be!