New Moon Musings, a bit belated, for August 2013

Waxing crescent with Saturn and Venus, a few evenings after the New Moon of August

Waxing crescent with Venus, a few evenings after the New Moon of August


I’ve set the intention to post Moon Musings at the Dark/New and Full moons.

I wrote my Leo New Moon Musings a bit belatedly (due to surgery)



Waxing gibbous moon of August, with clouds portending long-delayed rainstorm



and am quite belatedly posting them due to a very long Internet outage).

Here are my New Moon Musings for August, posted the day before the month’s Full Moon….



It is widely believed that the Fourth Quarter phase of the moon is time to weed our gardens, prune trees and cull unnecessary things.  In my Wiccan practice, we believe that the Dark Moon is time banish what no longer serves us.

If I could have chosen the date for my cancer surgery, I would have chosen a day right before the Leo Dark Moon.  However, two surgeons’ schedules had to be coordinated, and so the surgery took a day after the New Moon.  Thankfully, with Mohs surgery, one is sure that all the cancer is removed, so this waxing moon will be bringing “regrowth” to me, not to the cancer cells.  A little belatedly this waxing Moon, I’ve set intentions of deep, easy healing, increasing in power and fulfillment day by day, night by night as the Moon’s slender crescent grows to the Full.

Out here in my wide desert valley we’re currently in a lull between monsoon rains, with hot sunny days and awesomely starry skies.  Along with the brilliant Evening Star (Venus), accompanied by higher in the sky Saturn, my beloved summertime star-friends are bright in the evening sky:  Scorpio and the awesome Milky Way…

I love to “follow the arc” [from the “handle” of the Big Dipper] to sparkly Arcturus, then “speed on” to Spica [the brightest star in my sunsign Virgo].”  With the recent clear skies, I finally was able to see Orion rising, and the tiny planet Mercury currently visible in the early dawn sky (using binoculars and following the line of the ecliptic angling downward from Mars to Jupiter to Mercury).

Being “wounded,” I’m mostly focused on physical healing this Moon.  I’m letting myself rest, and allowing my intended business launch to move from Summer into Autumn.  I feel some frustration over another delay, and yet, each postponement has allowed greater clarity of vision, enhanced skills, and new or deepening personal connections that will serve me well in the world of spiritual entrepreneurship.

I plan to continue writing a post to my blog every day this month (posting whenever the Internet allows).  I’m brainstorming how I can turn posts like these into the newsletter that I will send with each phase of the Moon (or at least on the Full and Dark/New Moons).  This “moonth” is my time of healing, and making slow gentle progress toward my goals, a time of fascinating skies and surprising weather, brilliant color in the summer gardens, and gratitude for friends, whether in my physical or virtual realities.


Friends, I’m letting the wonder-full healing blessings you’ve sent to me flow through, healing first me and then others in need and our precious Mother, Gaia….

Blessed Be!

Fearlessly Traveling Light[er]

Tonight is the Dark[est]Moon, and tomorrow morning the New[est]Moon, so tonight is an auspicious time to do ceremony for releasing what no longer serves our highest good, then set intentions for the coming month.  Let’s prepare now for what is coming: the most anticipated Winter Solstice in millenia, 12.21.12, followed by the somewhat anticlimatic but always wildly celebrated Julian New Year, 1.1.13.

Artist Veronica Funk recently shared a personal tradition on her blog of making a list of New year’s resolutions, which she found are easily forgotten, she finds one word that represents her intentions for the year.  She paints that word on the cover of her annual journal, so each day she is reminded of her intentions (and, I imagine, often creates entries based on how that word and the intentions it represents are showing up in her life).

Today I am immersed in DarkMoon introspection and magic.  My weekly coaching call took me on a shamanic healing quest where I heard my WiseWommon advisor tell me to let go of fear in order to regain my health (thus easily and enjoyably launching my work in the world, wahoo!).  The healing image that came to me in this trance was of a huge golden eagle, soaring effortlessly up a thermal.

And so I will consult  both my “intuitive” and Roget’s thesauruses (thesauri–Who knows proper Latin nowadays?) for my YearWord.  Fearless?  Health? Wellness?  Light?  Soar?  Suggestions, anyone?   I have a week to find my word–and to purchase a new journal (I have the acrylics and brushes ready to install the title and “cover art”–yes, stomach butterflies, I am no longer afraid of making imperfect art!  I will use those new paints!

Here I am Traveling Lighter on the Beauty Way last September:

TL--Personal Balance on the Beauty Way

I intend to embody that playful spirit even in winter, when the trees are bare and the flowers frost-killed and my feet squeezed into wooly socks and clogs, even when I’m “building” my website, even when I’m “working” or “organizing” or “decluttering,” as well as after a 4-day Traveling Light Year retreat.  A carefully chosen one-word reminder will definitely be useful.  I’ll post it here when I’ve committed it to paint!

Do you have a word for the transformation or commitment you are resolved to manifest next year?  [Veronica and] I suggest you post or paint it somewhere you will see it every day.  If you find sharing your intentions brings useful accountablity, post your YearWord here, on Veronica’s blog, on my Facebook page (where you can “share” the link to Veronica’s blog w/ your own FB tribe, Tweet it, wherever!

May we all have a magical Solstice and a truly wondrous New Year!